If You Are Sick And Tired Of Throwing Money On Traffic Campaigns That Don’t Convert, Joining Systems That Don’t Make You Sales, Following Gurus/Marketers Who Don’t Have Time To Help You, Then Read Every Word Of This Page!
How To Guarantee You Make Atleast $100,000 In 2017?
Here’s How It Can Happen: I Will Fly My Personal Expert Marketing Team to Your Home or Office to Turn Your Struggles & Frustration Into A Wildly Profitable Internet Business...
WARNING: This Is The Most Tightly Controlled, Invitation-Only Programs You Will EVER Come Across. And If You Want Us To Come To You - Then You MUST Meet Every Single One Of My Strict Criteria! But It Could Make You An Online Millionaire

Dear Troubled Online Marketer, 
I have an interesting question to ask you.
“How hard is it to make $100,000 per year online?”
The answer you get will drastically vary based on whom you ask.
If you go to your favorite social media site and ask your friends, they will tell you it’s very very hard.
If you go to your favorite gurus and ask them, they will tell you it’s very very easy.
In the process, you will also come across a bunch of people who will tell you “it’s possible to make that but it depends…”
So in other words, if you go around asking enough people, you will have answers ranging from “hell yeah, its too easy” to “are you crazy, its way too hard, don’t believe anyone who says otherwise”.
But what is the REAL TRUTH though?
Based on my experience of being in the online marketing field for 6 years, building 7 different multi million dollar companies, helping many of my students make $100K to millions per year….I would say that:

Making $100,000 per year is the same as ROLLING a boulder on a hill.

When you are doing things the wrong way, it’s like rolling a boulder UPHILL where it’s virtually impossible to get any traction and succeed.

However when you are doing things the right way, it’s like you are rolling a boulder DOWNHILL where it’s almost impossible not to succeed.

Just look around in our industry.
Either people are very successful online or they fail miserably.
There is no middle ground (except for maybe rare cases).
That is the way it is, my friend.
Either you make a KILLING in this industry or you make NOTHING.
So the million dollar question is: what is it that helps SOME people get extraordinary results quickly while others keep slaving away for no returns?
Is it experience?
Or skillset?
Or talent?
Or hard work?
Or plain dumb luck?
Well…let me tell you a quick real life story which can convey the truth better than anything ever can:
About 2 - 2.5 years back, there was a female called Adeline Sugianto who was searching for a way to build an online business.
She was living in Australia working in a highly paid corporate job.
The problem was that she wasn’t too happy with her job and on top of that, her position in her company was shaky.
She knew she could get fired anytime and that thought SCARED her to the core.
One day, while browsing a website, she saw a banner ad that seemed interesting.
It was my ad, by the way.
She clicked on that ad, landed on my optin page and signed up for my email list.
From then on, she started receiving my emails daily which she would devour immediately.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
The more emails she read, the more clear it became to her that I was WAY different from other marketers.
Soon one day, she reached out to me and asked me if I could help her build an online business from scratch.
I noticed that she had a good attitude and was willing to put in the efforts so I took her in and TAUGHT her everything she needed to know to build a thriving business.
Guess what happened?
In her first 12 months, Adeline crossed $100,000 in commissions.
While that money was good, the lessons she gained in the process were 100X more valuable.
Not surprisingly, within 18 months of starting her journey, she had pulled in over $200,000 in commissions.
She was on a ROLL.
She then took all of her knowledge and started venturing into different fields and today, she is running a multi million dollar business.
Just one of her income streams is producing over $200,000 per month these days.
And oh by the way, she has quit her job now to focus on her business full time and she is happier than ever.
All of this happened within a 2.5 year timespan.
Complete newbie who didn’t know head or tail about online marketing.
Now runs a multi-million dollar business, travelling all over the world.
So what was the thing that changed EVERYTHING for her?
It’s the fact that she reached out to someone who knew how to get results and got his GUIDANCE on how to build her business the right way STEP BY STEP.
In other words, she got MENTORED and that changed her life.
Let’s be brutally honest for a minute:
While there is no doubt about the fact that Adeline’s success is due to her drive, passion and efforts….do you think she could have achieved the same results as QUICKLY as she did by trying to figure out everything by herself.?
Could she have made $100,000 in her first year online when there are countless people out there who have spent over 6-8 years in our industry and still don’t make that much?
Could she have created a million dollar business within a couple of years when even some of the so called gurus haven’t cracked that code?
Chances are probably NOT.
And that is where mentorship comes into play.
Mentorship gives you the ability to get the most powerful, practical, real life knowledge every stop along your journey so that you can race away to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought was possible
I Personally Owe My Success to Mentorship…
When I started my online journey 7 years back, all I wanted to do was make $100,000 per year for myself.
I thought making that amount would be great.
But today, I am fortunate enough to make that amount every 3-4 days.
Yes you read that right…every 3-4 days.
If someone had told me what I would end up achieving 7 years later, I would have thought they were crazy.
But my life changed because like Adeline, I too went seeking for people who could guide me to success and that paid off BIG TIME.
The same concept applies to you too.
You may be dreaming to make $5000 per month…$10,000 per month…or $50,000 per month….or $100,000 per month…or even $500,000 per month or MORE.
People around you may laugh at you for having those dreams because some of the numbers seem so “ridiculous” to them.
But truth is that it’s ALL achievable if you have the RIGHT PERSON to guide you.
Because when you have the right person beside you, he will tell you point blank:

  • What sort of online business to focus on to get the best results
  •  What products to promote? 
  •  How to promote them? 
  •  Where to go looking for traffic? 
  •  How to turn your traffic into leads? 
  •  How to turn your leads into sales & profits? 
  •  How to scale up your $3000 per month business to $30,000 per month QUICKLY 
But wait, it doesn’t stop just there. He will also tell you:
  •  What to do if something goes wrong? (you cannot learn this in any course)
  •  How to turn your non profitable campaigns into profitable ones? (again no course teaches you this) 
  •  How to run marketing tests to determine what works the best? 
  •  Where to focus on and where not to waste your time?
And the list goes on.

Here’s the thing:
Someone who is successful will know EXACTLY what to do in every situation so when you get their guidance, you are basically using their skills, experience and analytical ability to build YOUR business
This is the kind of help that Adeline got when she was building her business and that is the SECRET to her rapid growth.
Check out what Adeline has to say about her success:
She isn’t alone.

Many of my students have gone on to achieve similar successes just like her because they understood the power of mentorship and chose the RIGHT person to guide them.
So if you are planning to make AT LEAST $100,000 in 2017, then I have something TRULY POWERFUL in store for you:
I am introducing a program called as Mentor In Your Home Platinum Accelerator System To Help You Get To 6 Or Even 7 Figures In 2017
It is without a doubt, one of the most unique programs in our industry.
This is NOT a course where you have to spend countless hours watching long rambling videos.
This is NOT a live event where you have to spend $1000s for tickets, flight and accommodation to attend.
This is NOT a group coaching event where everything will be taught to you and you have to implement them.
This is NOT a done for you service where we will setup your business for you and ask you to run it.
This is a COMPLETE Mentorship program where you get access to real 6 and 7 figure earners who will literally sit beside you and help you BUILD your entire marketing campaigns from scratch and then COACH you on how to make your campaigns FLY
So with this approach:
  •  You GET to learn how a real million dollar business is built
  •  You GET to actually build a million dollar business step by step under the guidance of an expert 
  •  You GET all the tools, knowledge and inner workings that you need to run your business 
  •  You GET coaching on how to take your business to the 6 and 7 figure mark 
  •  Most importantly, you GET things done (you are walking away with a REAL business that is pumping you traffic, leads and sales) 
As you know by now, I run several million dollar businesses.
The reason why I am able to run all of them simultaneously while expanding into newer areas is because I have a pretty amazing marketing team who take care of my different business ventures.
Just recently I started an ecommerce business that is pulling in $25,000 PER day in revenues.
Who do you think runs that business?
My marketing team.
These are the people whom I have trained, coached and certified as “Platinum Coaches” at the Wealth Academy HQ.
They really know how to turn $1 into $3 or $5 or even $10 and know how to do it at scale which is why I trust them to run my businesses.
Now I am giving you an opportunity to make use of my Platinum Coaches to build your business as part of my Mentor In Your Home Platinum Accelerator System.
If you apply for this program and get accepted, I’ll fly one or more of our Platinum Coaches to your location.
They will spend three days with you and help you build a highly profitable business from scratch.
Here’s how it all works:
How Much Will It Cost You To Get Into The Mentor In Your Home Platinum Accelerator System?
Before we look into that, let’s take a look at how much you can make when you get accepted in as a member.
My goal with this program is to help you make ATLEAST 6 figures in your business in 2017.
That’s around $8,333 PER month.
Once I help you get to that level and show you how to scale, you will be able to take your business to 7 figures pretty quickly just like Adeline did.
So first, how do we get to $8,333 per month?
The quickest and the most effective way to get there would is by promoting unique, high value, high ticket products to hungry customers.
I am talking about products that range from $500 to $5000 that solve a major problem that people are willing to pay REAL MONEY for.
A single high ticket product is enough to make 6 figures a year.
So here’s the plan:
Step 1 – We create a powerful product for you that you can sell for any price. Let’s say we sell it at $997.
Step 2 – We help you setup traffic campaigns so that you get in front of the EXACT audience who need your product. Some of the powerful traffic sources are FB Ads & Youtube Ads where you can start off by spending JUST $5 per day.
Step 3 – We send that traffic to a super powerful funnel that EDUCATES your prospects and then sells them on your product.

Even one sale in every 3 days (very doable) would result in $9,970 in revenues.
Once you start making sales, you can ramp up your traffic and star generating enough leads to make daily sales. In that scenario, your revenues would shoot up to $29,910.
But we won’t stop there.
We want to help you TRULY maximize the profits that you can make from the leads you generate.
So we will be building our super MEGA funnels for you that promote multiple products so that you can maximize your average customer value.
When you do that, you can double, triple or even quadruple your revenues.
And THAT is how you eventually get to 7 figures.
This is the blueprint I have used to build 7 different million dollar businesses and I am giving you the EXACT formula. Heck, my team is going to be building this out for you.
If you are even a bit serious about succeeding online, Mentor In Your Home will help you kickstart your business and race away to 6 figures.
What I am giving you is way more than information.
I am giving you a POWERFUL business to run.
With all being said, I also have to mention this:
Mentor In Your Home program costs me a LOT of money to run.
I have to pay salaries & commissions to my Platinum Coaches, spend a fortune on tools to help them build your business for you, pay for their airfare and accommodation fees and spend on a ton of other business expenses.
So naturally, this program is NOT cheap.
As they say, you get what you pay for.
So if you are looking to spend just a few hundred bucks, please don’t bother to apply.
If you understand how BIG an opportunity this is and you are willing to do what it takes to get hold of it, then I invite you to apply for a consultation session with one of my coaches.
This session is 100% FREE.
We will get to know your needs first and ONLY if we feel we can help you, we will offer you this program.
The price will be revealed then.
You are under no obligation to buy anything from us. If anything, you will get a great insight on how you can build a 6 or 7 figure business just by talking to one of my highly qualified coaches.
Introducing: The “Mentor In Your Home” Platinum Accelerator System
A One-on-One Mentorship Program That Gives You Your Own Unique 6- or 7-Figure Success Blueprint… Right in Your Home or Office!
I’ve personally trained, coached and pushed my "trainers" and qualified them at Wealth Academy HQ now who are certified and uniquely qualified to help you achieve the results you deserve in your business. These are men and women who have worked directly beside me in my business… the “Non-Stop Young Guns” who refused to rest until they had mastered every last strategy of successful business building.

They are the ones "behind the scenes" that help me start all these businesses that gives me freedom.

In fact, you’ve probably “met” them in our Facebook group already. Through the grueling certification process, these Platinum Coaches have become uniquely qualified to help you:
  • Maximize your profits in promoting MIYH and other online businesses •
  • Get tons of high-quality traffic and opt-ins… without the guesswork and frustration of traditional marketing methods
  • Create a massive email list you can tap into any time you want to generate sales and profits
  • Create and position your own products to attract loyal, premium clients •
  • Effortlessly build sales funnels that flood your inbox with orders
  • Generate 6 (or even 7) figures in your business… even if you’ve been “scraping by” for years
  • And much more!
Now, getting high-quality mentorship typically means taking weeks (or months) away from your business and your family. You usually have to fly across the country and spend time wherever your mentor works… trying to master skills while stuck in a cramped hotel room and eating shrink-wrapped vending machine sandwiches every night. 

If you’re working on creating a 6-figure business, though… it doesn’t make sense to spend your time away from that business… does it?

Of course not!

That’s why, if you are accepted into the Mentor in Your Home Platinum Accelerator program, I’ll fly one or more of our Wealth Academy Coaches to your location. Your mentors will spend three days where you live and work, helping you optimize your business for serious success.

- You never have to “let go of the reins” or abandon your family for weeks on end!

- You don't have to fly to the other side of the world to learn this.

- You don't have to sit and watch 250 hours of boring videos.
Here’s How the “Mentor In Your Home” Platinum Accelerator System Works For You…
Phase 1: Deep Dive Discovery
Your personal MIYH Platinum Coaching team with work with you for 3 weeks before you meet in person – that way, you won’t waste a single minute of your face-to-face time! 

During the discovery phase, you’ll work with your mentors to gain a solid understanding of where you are right now – your business experience, goals, resources, and priorities. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to hide or be embarrassed by anything. Our Platinum Coaches are here to help… not to judge you for past mistakes!)

You’ll also be completing a series of simple assignments during this phase to prepare you for your in-person mentorship experience. These assignments will help you develop a solid foundation for your new business “launch pad” and will set the stage for greater success than you have ever dreamed of!
Phase 2: The Empire Build Out
With all of the initial “heavy lifting” out of the way, you’ll be ready to meet your personal Platinum Coach. I’ll fly your mentor to your location (at my expense) to spend three entire days with you and guide you through the process of building your new, profitable business. During your face-to-face time, you’ll…
  • Build a new product from scratch, along with a million-dollar funnel to sell it
  •  Optimize any existing products and funnels you’ve already developed • Discover how to scale your income without putting more hours into your business
  •  Finally create the income and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of!
After you’ve spent 2-3 days with your mentor, you’ll have…
  •  A top-shelf, in-demand product that you can sell whenever you want
  •  A professional, high-converting sales video to draw in prospects and build desire for your products 
  •  A fully optimized sales funnel that puts all of the hard work of selling on autopilot… giving you the freedom to enjoy your life while a steady stream of profits flows into your bank account! 
  •  The knowledge and resources you need to create as many funnels as you want… giving you unlimited power to generate a 6- or 7-figure income for years or decades to come! 
  • And more...
Phase 3: Income Kickstart
This is when the really exciting stuff happens! Your Platinum Coach will hand you a step-by-step blueprint for launching your in-demand product and generating profits… using the same strategies that have generated more than $100 MILLION for MIYH.

Your mentor will keep working with you for another 3 weeks to make sure your blueprint is implemented correctly, answer questions, and guide you around any obstacles that could slow down your success!
But Your Mentorship, Training and Support Doesn’t End There!
Just because you’ve completed the “Mentor in Your Home” Platinum Accelerator System doesn’t mean you’re left out on your own. 

You get an additional 6 months of coaching, support, and training from me and my Platinum Coaches… so that you have every advantage you need to create massive streams of income on autopilot.

After all… I can only look at myself in the mirror if I know I’ve helped you succeed
Enkhtur from Singapore
Glenda from Toronto
YOU Could Be Next...
Here’s the VIP Support You’re Getting after the Launch Phase…
Here’s what this includes:
  • Exclusive access to a VIP support line
  • Private Skype accountability group
  • Weekly calls with one of my expert Traffic Coaches
  • The famous ‘Weekly Commissions Accelerator Webinar’
Your VIP Support Line

I’ve set up a private line just for MIYH members – even my Diamond members don’t know about it (so please keep it to yourself). 

You can use the VIP Support number to get answers to your questions, get solutions to problems you encounter along the way… whatever you need to maximize your success!
12 Sessions With An Expert Traffic Coach

It's no surprise we run some of the biggest ad campaigns in the industry. Just this past year we spent $1Million CASH into facebook ads, this is my personal cash. This  is not "clients campaigns" this is my personal CASH from my bank account.

So you know you are learning from people who actually do this for a living - to make a fortune.

You’ll get to participate in weekly calls with my expert Traffic Coach. During these calls, you’ll pick up traffic-generating strategies that even the “gurus” don’t know about… and learn how to get your offers in front of highly qualified prospects all day long… even when you’re on vacation or spending time with the family!
Private Skype Accountability Group
I know that no matter how much knowledge and training you have under your belt, it’s almost impossible to keep going at full speed some days.

That’s why accountability is critical.

You’re getting access to a private Skype accountability group to keep you on pace, even on those days when you’d rather just sleep in. Having accountability partners has saved my backside more than once, and chances are, it will do the same for you!

Plus, you’ll learn valuable marketing tricks and techniques from your fellow MIYH members (and I even personally chime in here and there)… so you’ll never have to worry about missing out on the exact techniques that are making business owners money today!  
Weekly “Commissions Fast-Track” Webinar

If you’re serious about turning traffic into paying customers, you won’t want to miss a single one of these weekly webinars. Every week, you’ll get actionable, down-to-earth advice to help you drive your conversions higher – putting more money in your pocket without spending more hours closing sales!
Are You Finally READY To Get This
1:1 Implementation By Your Mentor 
In Your Home?
If you’re serious about growing a business that dumps cash into your account day after day… while you spend your time enjoying life (instead of working just to afford it)… then you owe it to yourself to apply to the “Mentor in Your Home” Platinum Accelerator System.

Just to recap, here’s what you’re getting if your application is accepted:
3-Stage MIYH Teamship:
Your MIYH Team will meet with you for 3 weeks prior to your in-person meeting to assess where you are, and give you a series of easy-
to-implement assignments to get you ready for your in-person meeting.

Then I will fly them out (at my expense) to your home or office to work side-by-side with you for 3 days and help you create a new product and sales funnel that you can use to bring in 6 to 7-figures per year. 

After your sales funnel is done, your MIYH Team will give you a “roadmap” to launch your new product using the same marketing strategies we’ve used at MIYH to generate over $100 million in sales. 

Then, after the 3-day fly out, your MIYH Team will work with you for another 3 weeks to make sure you implement your roadmap. They will answer your questions, hold you accountable, and keep you moving forward. 
Your Brand-New Product:
Your MIYH Team will help you create an irresistible product that hits your prospects’ “pain points” and gets them reaching for their wallets.

Your product will be UNIQUE to you… but it will be modeled after the world’s best-selling training products, including my own hot-selling products. 
Your High-Impact Sales Video:
Your Mentor knows exactly what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to selling products online.

They will help you structure a high-impact sales presentation using proven sales tactics, and put together the PowerPoint slides for your sales video.

A good sales video (like this) is a true asset that can reliably bring you 6 to 7-figures per year. Once you have this in place, you can use the same video for YEARS to come to generate sales. 
Your Own Custom Sales Funnel:
All of my MIYH Teams know how to engineer a million-dollar sales funnel with the highest- converting squeeze pages, sales pages,
exit pops, order pages, and upsell/downsell sequences.

They will help you create a custom sales funnel by taking tested and proven page templates and customizing them for your unique product. 
Rights to Your Product and Sales Funnel:
You will own your finished product and sales funnel forever. You can make money from these assets for years to come, by using them yourself or even licensing them to other sellers. You won’t owe us any further money to use them.

If used correctly, your product and sales funnel could easily bring in $1 million (or more) per year for your online business. 
Private VIP Support Line
You will get a private number that goes to a special VIP Support Line. You can call this number any time you get stuck and have a question.

When you call, one of my affiliate managers or a high-level member of my marketing staff will answer. All are well qualified, and they know that when this phone rings it demands their immediate attention. 
26 Sessions With Your Traffic Coach
In addition to your training with your MIYH Team, you will get weekly calls with one of my expert Traffic Coaches.

Your coach will ask you what challenges you’ve faced in the last week and help you overcome them. They’ll also give you advice on specific traffic and marketing strategies you should be implementing to bring in more sales. 
Skype Accountability Group
This private Skype group is only available to the highest earning MIYH partners (and you). In this setting, MIYH Top Earners “let their guard down” and you will pick up valuable tips on marketing, sales, and traffic.

You will also be required to post daily updates on what you’re doing, so other members (including me) can motivate you and hold you accountable. 
Commissions Fast-Track Webinar
You will be invited each week to a private webinar for the Top Earners in MIYH (and members of the MIYH Teamship programs). On these weekly “how to” webinars I reveal my best all-time secrets for increasing sales, and update you on NEW strategies I’ve been implementing.
You're Also Going To Receive A 100% Done For You High Converting Sales Funnel...
Don’t Leave Your Success to Chance - Complete Your Application Now To See If You Qualify!
At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a short application for the MIYH Platinum Accelerator Program. Why am I requiring you to complete an application?

To be honest, I only want to work with serious entrepreneurs. A LOT of people will read this page, but they won’t invest the 2 minutes it takes to complete the application. That shows me that these people aren’t serious at all – they’re just wishing for someone to toss a million-dollar business in their laps!

This isn’t play time. This system involves a short burst of intense activity that will produce something you’ve never seen before (and will probably never see again) – an exact, customized business blueprint that can give you financial freedom for the rest of your life… and even provide financial stability for your children and grandchildren!

Are you willing to commit to your success?

Then complete the short application below. I’ll review your answers and, if we’re a good fit, I’ll be in touch.

And you must HURRY because there is only 1/4 spots left for this month!


(filling this out costs my team and ME money, don't fill it out if you are NOT an action taker!)
 ^^ Click submit when you're done.
To Your Success,
- Shaqir Hussyin
P.S. If, for whatever reason, you’re not willing to follow the wealth of advice my Platinum Coaches want to give you… or you’re not willing to put in the work it takes to turn your million-dollar business into reality… then please do both of us a favor and leave this page right now. I’m not interested in giving you a business blueprint that will look pretty on your desk or hanging on your wall – I want you to use it to create the kind of wealth you’ve always dreamed of!

P.P.S. Although I’m evaluating each and every application to determine which applicants are the best fit for the MIYH Platinum Accelerator System, I am giving extra weight to applications turned in today. That’s because I only have so many Platinum Coaches to go around – and I want to make sure that if you’re accepted, you get their full attention. So if you want the best chance possible of getting the expert mentorship you need, complete and submit your application right now!

WARNING: Access to this program is extremely LIMITED. We reserve to close this offer down anytime without NOTICE. This is not some automated thing we sell, it's a real human being coming to you to create a sales funnel for your business and life :-)
Terms, Conditions and Policies
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